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Benefits of Mortgage Protection Insurance

Author: Daxen Stewart
Category: Insurance: Agents and Marketers
Date Added: July 28, 2012 08:10:11 AM
Page Views: 2719

If you are currently paying for a loan, mortgage or credit card, there is a significant chance you've already been offered with mortgage protection insurance. Although, it is quite difficult to determine if this is the plan you are being offered with since it comes in various forms, yet covers for your mortgage all the same. A mortgage protection insurance plan protects you from the unfortunate and spontaneous loss of your work and income source or has been disabled. This type of mortgage can also pay off your outstanding credit upon your death thus protecting your family from further expenses.


However, would you gain from applying and securing mortgage protection? Or is it just another means for insurance companies to make a living out of you? The answer varies immensely on the applicant's health, financial stature and your terms and conditions upon death.


So what really is mortgage protection? Also referred to as mortgage payment protection insurance or MPPI, this form of life insurance pays your debt during specific instances, such as loss of work, disability or death. As with any regular life insurance, the policyholder will be required to pay off monthly premiums that will vary on different circumstances. Depending on the insurance policy, the gains may surmise the expenses of paying off the mortgage. MPI is usually easier to apply and secure compared to standard life insurances.


Benefits of Mortgage Protection

MPI plans offer you with the peace of mind during events you are unprepared for, including accidents that cause fatality or disability onto the policyholder. Without work, income is lost thus your home's outstanding mortgage balance may be subjected to legal consequences. Most forms of MPPI plans will shell out the whole amount of your mortgage during death, and not just the balance on your loan. This will offer you with extra income to pay for your needs. In the event of the policyholder's death, the family can benefit with extra income to help ease the financial burdens of the situation.


Another major benefit of MPI is that you won't need to undergo medical tests to get coverage. Of course, this can vary from one company to another. Policyholders can choose to have the benefit amount distributed as a single lump sum or small regular payments within a specific time frame. Some policies provide extra coverage features like payback of premiums, suspension of premium payments in the event of work unavailability, and the choice to convert the policy into a life insurance plan.


Without MPI or other forms of life insurance policy backing you up, your family is exposed to the risk of foreclosing the home in case you die or loss work and income. They may also be required to have to sell the property and settle in a much smaller house or rent in an apartment for the meantime. If you have a stay-home spouse and kids, they may also be forced to work and leave your kids at home just to support and continue making mortgage payments.



While MPI only lasts for a particular period of time, some schemes may provide the chance to convert them into life insurance, disregarding the health condition of the policyholder. This depicts that the policyholder can have life insurance coverage succeeding the successful repayment of the mortgage balance.


mortgage protection / mortgage protection insurance plan protects you from the unfortunate and spontaneous loss of your work and income source or has been disabled.