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Choosing The Right Policy

Author: Dominic Rogers
Category: Insurance
Date Added: April 09, 2011 10:00:43 AM
Page Views: 2715

The annual task of buying breakdown cover has become almost as common as hunting down good value car insurance. But no matter how many times we purchase breakdown recovery policies, for many of us, it just seems to be as complicated as ever. In this article we will look at some of the key things to consider before taking out such a policy.

While breakdown cover is not required by law, many people decide to take it out year after year because of the peace of mind it affords. Usually, it is one or two abiding memories whereby a vehicle recovery service came to the rescue, and turned what was a stressful situation into relatively easy-to-handle one, that makes it a necessity in many people's minds. It isn't only the risk of a large bill that breakdown cover can minimise, but the risk of having a bad experience.

You should decide what kind of breakdown cover you want largely based on the way you use your vehicle on a day to day basis. You may, for example, choose a policy that does not offer nationwide recovery. This is nearly always the cheapest option, but you must take into account that if you break down at a considerable distance from you home, then your policy is unlikely to include taking your vehicle to the nearest garage or to your home. The standalone cost of getting your vehicle towed to the nearest garage or your home can be considerable.

If you only intend to drive your vehicle within the UK, then you will only need to buy a breakdown policy that specifies UK-only coverage. If, however, you drive to the European mainland on a regular, or even occasional, basis, then you may wish to consider buying breakdown cover that specifically covers European countries. If there is a chance you will be driving to a more obscure European country, it is advisable to check the small print of the policy to ensure it is covered.

With any policy you consider purchasing, it is important to take some time to read the terms and conditions fully before you part with your cash. Remember that you are buying a breakdown policy to provide you with peace of mind and so it is not always the cheapest policy that is the most suitable.

There are a wide range of other issues to consider when taking out breakdown cover, and the longer you take to research them, the more likely you are to get a policy that properly meets your needs.

Dominic Rogers consults as an industry expert in the vehicle breakdown recovery services industry with many years experience in the field. You may contact him at for all your breakdown cover enquires.