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A Practical Guide to the NAMA Business Plan Version 2

Author: Michael Flynn and Ferga Kane
Category: Accounting: Accountants
Date Added: April 21, 2011 03:59:22 PM
Page Views: 14911

·  understanding the loans and assets transferring;

·  valuing the underlying assets in an illiquid market; and

·  determining the best route forward to get the debt repaid by the borrower.


The development of a detailed business plan by the borrower was a key element in addressing these. In advance of the first loans transferring to NAMA, Business Plan Version 1 was published, a template document and datapack for use by transferring borrowers in completing a business plan to submit to NAMA. 


Following the transfer of Tranches 1 & 2 of loans to NAMA (30 borrowers, €27 billion par debt), NAMA identified the requirement for a more property-focused business plan template, providing standard formats and reducing complexity. The agency also sought to remove the onus from borrowers to perform complex financial analysis. For this reason, NAMA engaged Deloitte to assist it with the development of a new template, Business Plan Version 2, which includes the NAMA Business Plan Version 2 template document, NAMA Information Pack and NAMA Cashflow Model. It is expected that all borrowers will utilise Business Plan Version 2 from now on.


With insights and practical examples from the team who developed the new template, a new book published by Chartered Accountants Ireland and written by Michael Flynn and Ferga Kane of Deloitte, provides a guide to preparing and completing a business plan for NAMA using the Business Plan Version 2 template.  The book contains detailed instructions and examples to assist in the completion of the NAMA Information Pack and the NAMA Cashflow Model and provides an overview of the key assumptions contained in both financial models. 


Reproducing and annotating excerpts from the NAMA spreadsheets and documents, features of this new guide include:

  • Overview of Business Plan Version 1 and Business Plan Version 2 structures and the differences between them
  • Overview of the NAMA Information Pack, and detailed instructions and helpful tips for its accurate completion
  • Explanation of and instructions for the accurate completion of the NAMA Cashflow Model inputs as well as how to use the outputs in preparing the written business plan
  • Detailed discussion of the NAMA Business Plan template document, which includes highlighting of key information requirements throughout the document.

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