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Find an Accountant in Time for Tax Season

Author: Dominic Lin
Category: Accounting: Accountants
Date Added: March 31, 2011 08:08:39 AM
Page Views: 15117

Tax season is a common time of year when people start scrambling to find an accountant for assistance with their returns and finances. Since there are so many accounts to choose from today, finding the best one for you may be difficult to find.


You need an accountant that you can trust since they will be handling your money. To help you find an ideal professional, here are a few tips on how to find the best accountant for your needs.


Ask Around: Talk to people you know, and ask for who they could recommend you for an accountant. If you know someone who has a similar financial situation to your, start by asking who they use and if they are pleased with their services.

Use Caution: Accountants who make promises of large refunds or offer to deduct every possible expense you have is probably not the best accountant for tax season. Even though you hired a professional to prepare your return, you are the one who is responsible for what is filed.


Look at Enrolled Agents: Enrolled Agents (EAs) are a type of tax professional who has undergone in depth background checks by the IRS and has passed a strict test. EAs often provide exceptional assistance for those who have very complex tax situations.


Find a Certified Public Accountant: Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are licensed in the state in which they work, and have passed a difficult CPA examination. Some CPAs specialize in particular areas, such as business taxes, general taxes, or audits, and are best at handling issues that may be somewhat complex.


Look For Reviews: You can always look on the internet for reviews of the accountants. You can look at their past customers and see what their opinions are on the accountant. This will save you the time and money wasted on an accountant that did not do their job. The internet always has something to help you and looking up good accountants on the internet should be an easy way for you to find what you are looking for.


Consider a Tax Attorney: When looking to find an accountant, a tax attorney may be your better option. Tax attorneys are legal representatives who specialize in tax law. These attorneys often have a law degree in taxation (known as an LL.M.) and are required by law to hold a juris doctor degree (J.D.). Tax attorneys can handle difficult situations such as assisting you in tax court, or filing estate tax returns.


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