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Hiring the Right Person to Help You with Your Tax Trouble

Author: Jack Landry
Category: Tax Preparation
Date Added: April 21, 2011 02:55:13 PM
Page Views: 2785

Running into trouble with taxes is rather common these days, since the process of accounting and filing can be a little complicated. If you try to do your taxes yourself, you may find that you run into trouble with the complicated paperwork.

When you do run into trouble, you may be contacted by the Internal Revenue Service to straighten things out. Most people are very afraid of these agents, as they usually mean you are being audited, or you are in some kind of trouble.

However, they can end up helping you quite a bit if you try to look past their reputation. Their reputation for ruthless pursuit of delinquent taxes intimidates even law-abiding citizens, who face the consequences of innocent errors.

Any interaction with the IRS, such as an audit, is potentially alarming enough to merit the guidance of a professional. There are specific attorneys that specialize in tax issues, and deal with the IRS on a regular basis.

While many people turn to these professionals for help in difficult situations, know that they are not your only option. There is another kind of professional that many people do not think of turning to, but may end up being very helpful to you,

There are enrolled agents in the IRS that can help you immensely in these situations. These agents cannot advertise themselves as certified professionals without investigation and licensing by the federal government.

However, their area of expertise in all things related to taxes and the procedures taxpayers will encounter when dealing with the IRS in matters such as collection notices, is superior to even lawyers, and can be invaluable to you.

Because of their specialization in the area of tax codes, they are the best at handling all of the rules and rights of you, the taxpayer. They know how to handle the government, and how to help things swing safely in your favor.

Aside from these professionals, only Certified Public Accountants and attorneys have authority to represent taxpayers who have issues with the IRS. Thus, your options are rather limited, and choosing the best is incredibly important.

You want someone that has the knowledge and skills necessary to help you in a number of situations, so that you do not have a run in with the law. There is a strict licensing process that they must undergo, which was developed by the United States Treasury Department.

It requires all agents looking to certify themselves to undergo two days of examinations on the Internal Revenue Service tax codes. The certificate an enrolled agent receives once they pass ensures the government acknowledges their ability to properly represent clients.

Attorneys and CPA's do not have to pass this test. This shows the difference in their skill level-it can make a very big difference when it comes to the outcome of your case.

Often former federal employees from the Internal Revenue Service retire, or leave the service and become enrolled agents, bringing all their knowledge of what actually is happening on the other side of the desk. Make sure that these people are the first once that you contact if you are having any kind of trouble with your taxes.

Enrolled agents, as specialists in the area of tax codes and IRS policies are often uniquely qualified to deal with any kind of tax trouble. Your situation will not be difficult for them, and they will be able to help you straighten out your situation without any further difficulty for you.

More than forty thousand individuals have been certified as enrolled agents by the United Sates Treasury Department. You can ask to see their certificate-make sure that they have the initials E.A. at the end of their name, so you know that they are legally legitimate.

This means that they have passed all of the necessary tests, to make them professionally recognized by the government. To keep their certification, enrolled agents have to maintain high standards of ethics and conduct, and continuously update their knowledge of the tax code, which changes and adjusts from time to time.

If you want to be sure to come out of a tax problem successfully, you want the best help possible in your corner. Seek the help of an enrolled agent today, and get your IRS matters straightened out for once and for all.

Jack R. Landry has worked since 1988 as a tax attorney. He has written hundreds of articles about taxes and recommends ( for tax relief.